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An alternative to traditional litigation, mediation allows divorcing couples to avoid the time, cost, uncertainty and adversarial posturing of the court system.  Mediation allows for careful consideration of the clients' concerns and objectives and provides an opportunity for creative and personalized solutions.  The process may include the use of tax, accounting, pension, real estate, and custody experts and, where requested, reviewing counsel.

In mediation, Kristi, acting as a neutral facilitator, helps clients reach a legally binding settlement of all issues in their case as well as assistance in completing all court filings, agreement documentation, and implementation paperwork.


Kristi also represents individual clients in negotiated prenuptial, cohabitation and postnuptial agreements and in stepparent and adult adoptions.

Dissolution (divorce) agreements and all forms of prenuptial, cohabitation, and postnuptial agreements are negotiated consistent with the rights and obligations of both parties under the laws of the State of California.

Kristi has also acted as an expert witness in family law matters, as guardian ad litem for children and adults, and as a stipulated attorney for children.